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February 24 2018

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Goodbye, Mufasa
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I would not like to live with the thought of maybe having contributed to somebody taking their own life just because i posted a witty but very hateful phrase.
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you're right, I missed that detail. That turns around the whole situation.  I was in the same situation as the dragon. That's meta...
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February 23 2018


me fantasizing about making a thing but not actually making it but I’m having a great time just fantasizing about it so it’s ok

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Everyone lost their memories. Now, the companies are selling us the data they collected on us during all these years and that is the only way to regain some of your memories. You believe the companies had a hand in making you forget everything.

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there is literally almost no gluten in black forest cakes, the chocolate sponge cake base requires only about 150g of flour you can replace with starch. that's it. I bet the villagers would have loved to bake one for it. idiot dragon
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